The Best Table Lamp Trends: 2023 Edition

table lamp trendsReady to light up your life? Home lighting brightens your space and showcases your personal style. One of the best ways to illuminate your home is to place carefully selected table lamps in the common areas. But which aesthetic is best for your décor? In this roundup, we’re shining the light on the best table lamp trends for 2023.

Ready to flip on the switch and power your home with style and flair? Here’s our list of the best table lamp trends to illuminate your space.

What Table Lamps Are In Style Now?

We see new lighting trends every year, from rose gold metal bases to exotic fixtures to intricately shaped wiring. Are you wondering what’s trending in lighting this year? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the most popular types of lamps for 2023.

1. Natural Salt and Crystal Lamps

Topping our list of the most popular table lamp trends for 2023 are organic, natural lamps featuring salt, crystals, and wood. We love this aesthetic because natural table lamps bring the outside in.

What better lamp to illustrate this trend than Himalayan Salt Lamps?  Not only do these natural wonders illuminate your space with warm light, but they have healing benefits, too! Salt lamps cleanse and purify the air in your home, reduce allergies, and minimise the toxicity of electromagnetic radiation from tech devices.

Another ethereal, natural lamp trend is gemstone lamps.

Amethyst lamps are striking rough specimens that radiate healing light through earthy, violet-hued crystals. Amethyst is a crystal with healing benefits, including grounding, peaceful energy to transform your home into a tranquil sanctuary.

If you favour pink over purple, you’ll love the ultra-feminine tranquillity of rose quartz crystal lamps. The appeal of natural lights is that you can personalise them to match your taste. Other popular materials include calcite, selenite, and agate.

We see trends lean toward the natural elements, and that’s why these organic materials are one of the table lamp trends for 2023.
Table Lamp Trends

2. Farmhouse Table Lamps

Landing in second place on our list for lamp trends 2023 is Farmhouse. In recent years, home décor trends have favoured the farmhouse aesthetic. Shiplap boards and panels, distressed wood, barn doors and white are token features of this design style where rustic meets industrial.

In lighting trends, farmhouse table lamps typically have white ceramic glaze bases, neutral-toned shades, and iron elements.

Farmhouse is trending because it mixes a fusion of design elements. For example, if you love rustic decor, a farmhouse lamp will easily fit into your home furnishings. The same goes for fans of industrial or minimal styles.

Thanks to their stylish lines and minimal aesthetic, farmhouse table lamps prove to be a top-ranking table lamp trend.
The Best Table Lamp Trends 2020 Edition

3. Clear Crystal Lamps

Are crystal lamps in style, or has their time passed? The truth is that it’s a matter of personal preference. However, we can’t deny the popularity of these timeless pieces.

There are several styles of crystal table lamps, making them suitable for a wide variety of home décor styles, from modern to traditional to luxury.

Let’s look at the two most popular types of crystal lamps:

  • Crystal Base: This table lamp style features a translucent crystal base with a traditional cloth or vinyl lampshade.

  • Crystal Shade: In this style, the base is metal, and the shade is composed of strands of clear crystal jewels or beads.

The reason crystal lamps are so popular is that they go with everything. Thanks to their colourless palette, a crystal lamp can adorn a mid-century bedside table or gleam from an antique kitchen sideboard. 
The Best Table Lamp Trends 2020 Edition

4. Modern Table Lamps

The term “modern” is overarching and interpretive. For instance, there’s mid-century modern, modern minimalism, Farmhouse modern, and more. The main feature of contemporary table lamps is that they’re understated with no-frills.

If you love contemporary design, modern table lamps will fit right in with your home décor. Modern design has thrived in recent years as trends gravitate toward clean, sleek, progressive designs.

You can recognise a modern lamp for its sophisticated aesthetic, minimal design, and sleek lines. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they all look the same.

Modern table lamps come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Popular styles include black metal, geometric shapes, and subtle patterns. A modern table lamp will shine beautifully next to your mid-century furnishings, Eames Lounge chair, or statement rug.
The Best Table Lamp Trends

5. Industrial Lamps

One of the table lamp trends we’ve seen in fashion in the last decade is industrial lamps. The unique styling marries unvarnished nature with modern industrialism. Identifiable features include chrome bases with tarnished hardware, exposed light bulbs, and slender, unorthodox shapes.

Industrial lamps are works of art, often crafted by the skilled hands of artisans. Best part? They look beautiful with any decor because of their minimal, fluid aesthetic.

Adding an industrial table lamp to a room will immediately serve as a focal point, and shines best against neutral, minimal furnishings.

6. Mixing Metals and Materials

What does each of these table lamp trends for 2023 have in common? Each fits beautifully within their design category, but they can also cross into different style genres. One of our favourite décor trends is to mix and match lighting styles.

Here are a few ways to mix materials and styles to create an eclectic, unique, and trendsetting lighting style in each room of your house:

  • Bedroom: Choose two matching table lamps for either side of the bed. Start with the clean, minimalist lines of modern, industrial or farmhouse. Add a small crystal lamp on either side to bring the outside in and add a pop of colour to your décor.

  • Toilet: When it comes to home lighting, don’t forget to decorate this room. Add a nightlight to fill the space with a calming, relaxing light. Bring in a misting diffuser to perfume the room, purify the air, and provide soft lighting.

  • Desktop: It’s smart to have two sources of light at your desktop. In some cases, you might want bright light while you work. However, sometimes you want to set the mood for focus and concentration. The solution? Place a warm-toned Himalayan Salt Lamp on your desk to softly illuminate your workspace and boost blow flow to sharpen focus and feel good.

There you have it! That’s our coverage of the best table lamp trends of 2023. Do you need a little more inspiration? Browse our collection of beautiful home décor lamps!


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