List Of Online Auction Sites in Australia

List Of Online Auction Sites in AustraliaPeople are fed up with eBay and for a good reason. Between delayed shipping times, false advertising, lack of support, and location abuse, it’s time to shop elsewhere. Plus, buying from eBay only harms our economy by taking money away and putting it into the pockets of offshore sellers. That’s why we’ve put together this list of online auction sites in Australia for local shopping.

Why support Australian-owned auction sites?

There are hundreds of online auctions from around the world, but supporting Australian-owned platforms keeps money in the country, and thus, the economy thrives. When we support our local businesses, we all benefit.

Before we get to the list, let’s discuss incentives to use Australian-owned auctions.

Why You Should Use Australian-Owned Auctions

There’s no sugar coating the consequences of the Australian Retail Apocalypse. eBay Australia and Amazon Australia are two corporate giants that in one fell swoop killed most of our primary department stores.

We all know that consumer trends are favouring online shopping. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still support our national economy. Supporting Australian auctions keeps money away from foreign retailers and in Australia.

That’s not only good news for our economy, but for local businesses whose livelihoods depend on Aussie shoppers. And there’s never been a more critical time to do this, considering that 40 per cent of online purchases by Aussie shoppers come from China.

What’s the solution?

We’re all hibernating indoors and spending more time shopping online. When you make purchases, consider where the items come from and where your money goes.

We need to take matters into our own hands to rebuild our e-commerce structure to support the national economy and local businesses. Shopping from Australian-owned auctions is an effective strategy to divert funds from overseas sellers and back into the country.

So, where exactly should you shop?

What Are The Best Online Auctions In Australia?

The most popular auction platform in the world is eBay, but just because it’s popular doesn’t make it worth your money. In fact, eBay sabotaged what was once a lucrative retail climate. For years, frustrated buyers and sellers alike have taken to forums to complain about the slew of mishaps by eBay.

Why support such a faulty system when there are ample alternatives to eBay?

You have the power to vote with your dollars, which is why you should shop from this list of online auction sites in Australia. Ready to shop? Here’s where to spend your money.

List of Online Auction Sites In Australia

Kicking off our list are the top four best Australian auction sites.

Treasures Auctions - The Exclusive Australian Marketplace

We’ve seen e-commerce giants squash Aussie-owned businesses under their feet, and it was time to take action. That’s why we started Treasures Auctions, the world’s exclusive Australian marketplace.

Every seller is verified Australian-owned, and every bid funnels straight into our economy. Our local sellers list everything from clothing to jewellery to collectibles to home décor. Best of all, Aussie shoppers can rest easy knowing that their purchase keeps money in Australia. With our no-reserve auctions, you’ll find hundreds of daily no reserve auctions where bids start as low as AU$1.

If you want to stay loyal to the Australian Market, Treasures Auctions is where to bid.


TradingPost is one of the widest used Australian auction sites thanks to its user-friendly interface, a broad selection of goods, and zero selling or listing fees. The Aussie-trusted platform mostly sells vehicles, boats, motorbikes, and electronics. That said, with a broad categories list, you can find almost anything here.


Giving eBay competition since 2007, BidMate operates much like eBay — as a large marketplace of goods. The primary difference being that Bidmate is an Australian auction site. Based in Highton Geelong, BidMate is strictly by Australians for Australians and prides itself on its advanced technology and safety measures. 

With anti-fraud technology, feedback monitoring, dispute services, you can shop with ease knowing your purchase will be safe and economically sustainable.


If you’re looking to bid on industrial auctions in Australasia, GraysOnline is the place to be. With main offices spanning the country from Sydney to Perth, the system operates by auctioning liquidated assets and excess stock from local businesses. Plus, you won’t have to worry about scams or gimmicks because of the strict buyer protection protocol, including extended warranties and 30-day returns.

As a niche auction, you’ll find heavy equipment and machinery for industrial use, manufacturing, and agriculture. There are also more commercial use items, including furniture, appliances, and restaurant equipment.

Non Australian-Owned Auctions With AU Branches

Continuing down our list are the following auctions that aren't AU-owned. However, each one of these auction sites has an Australian branch for local shopping. If you sort through the filters, you can find Australian-owned sellers to buy from and support.

Plus, each of these offers a better buying experience than eBay and firmer safety protocols in place to protect both buyers and sellers.

eBid Australia

If you’re looking for an alternative to eBay, check out eBid, an international marketplace with a local forum for Aussie sellers and buyers. The company started in 1999 and sells everything from antiques to instruments to pottery to stamps. While the company isn’t Aussie-owned, it gets a high volume of traffic, making it a broad marketplace for Aussie sellers. Plus, there are no selling fees, and prices tend to be more affordable than eBay.


TradeMe is an NZ-owned site that offers selling and buying to Australians. It’s not the first on our list since it’s not Aussie-owned. However, if you navigate the platform right, it can be a fruitful place to find both goods and services.


Fishpond’s most popular categories include music, beauty products, books, jewellery, and toys. Best part? No shipping fees. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you can take advantage of zero fees to shop Australian and support local businesses.

Fishpond’s doors have been open since 2004, and the company’s home bases are in NZ, UK, and the US. With over 25 million products, you can find everything you need in this massive marketplace. While this auction isn’t Australian-owned, there is a local AU sector offering an international market and free shipping.

And there you have it! With these online auction sites in Australia, you ensure that you support local businesses, buy Australia, and keep your money where it belongs: in our country.


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