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Which Online Auctions System Is The BestThe world of online auctions is rapidly growing. Never has this been more evident than in the era of COVID. With people staying indoors, we’ve seen unprecedented spikes in online shopping and internet activity. Online auctions are an excellent way to find an endless variety of goods and services. However, with increasing concerns about mega-corps like eBay, buyers are on the hunt for safe, trustworthy auction sites. So, what online auctions system is the best?

The truth is, it depends entirely on what you’re looking to buy. We’re here to steer you in the right direction so that you can get the best deal from the best auction site.

Ready to start bidding? Keep reading for a look at the top five online auction sites deserving of your bid. But first: what makes online auctions so great?

Why Online Auctions Are The Best For Shopping

Twenty-five years ago, the model for online auctions was in its embryonic stages. Presently, the auction marketplace commands a hefty slice of the e-commerce pie, with a 63 per cent spike in auction sales in March of this year.

Consumer behaviours speak loud and clear: when it comes to getting the best deal on an item, auctions are the spot to be. And that’s not the only benefit of online auctions. Buyers gain access to a broad network of global goods and can shop from the comfort of their home.

Moreover, the bidding structure ensures that items are reasonably priced. Buyers gain the upper hand to be selective about what they purchase, and if a seller’s store is too expensive, there’s always another seller a mouse click away.

With streamlined safety protocols and regulations dispatched across most major auction platforms, you can safely shop and bid on items with ease.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to the question at hand:

What Online Auctions System is the Best?

That depends on who you ask, as there are those who favour arguably the most popular site: eBay. Unfortunately, eBay Australia has done little in the way of regulating location abuse from offshore sellers disguised as local.

The consequence is money taken out of the national economy and put into the pockets of foreign sellers. How much money? Considering that out of all eBay Australia sales, 40% comes from China; we’d say the number’s high.

It doesn’t help Australian sellers that eBay is the world’s biggest auction site, with 182 million users, according to the latest data from Statista.

So, are there online auction sites other than eBay? The answer is yes. Here’s our list of the best online auction sites other than eBay.

The Top 5 Best Online Auction Systems

1. Treasures Auctions - The Exclusive Australian Marketplace

Do you want to keep your money in Australia? Then look no further than our exclusive Australian marketplace, Treasures Auctions. All of our sellers are verified Australian-owned, which means that every won bid keeps money circulating in the national economy.

For years, we built a global marketplace, but we decided it was time to bring business back home to Australia. We’re an Aussie-owned family business disrupting the auction marketplace by connecting Aussie shoppers with Australian-owned sellers.

Our broad collection of goods encompasses a vast spectrum of categories, including jewellery, coins, ancient artifacts, collectibles, fashion accessories, wellness products, home decor, clothing, and more!

If you’re in the market for the best Aussie owned treasures, you’re in the right corner of the world at Treasures Auctions.

2. Webstore - A General Auction Marketplace

If you’re looking for an eBay alternative, Webstore is a good alternative to shop from a broad marketplace of goods. Giving eBay a run for its money since 1996, Webstore is one of the largest online auction sites.

However, unlike eBay, strict safety policies and regulations protect buyers and sellers from scams and abuse. There are also virtually no fees for buying or selling. While it’s an international auction marketplace, it’s more focused on positive user experience and putting buyers first. Which beckons the question: shouldn’t buyers always be first? We think so.

3. Catawiki - For Hunting Down Rare Finds

Are you in the market for rare and specialty items? Then you’ll want to have a look at Catawiki.

With a slogan that promises you’ll find “inspiring objects to discover every week,” you never quite know what you’ll come across in this unique online auction. Fortunately, streamlined filters make searching for rare items easy.

There are more than 300 auction sellers, and staff members hand-select items for quality and authenticity. Are you trying to track down rare sports regalia or classic cars? At Catawiki, you can bid on everything from archeological artifacts, model aeroplanes, and rare comics.

4. ShopGoodwill - Bidding For A Good Cause

An international nonprofit from the States, Goodwill is one of the largest charities in North America. Want to shop and spread some goodwill at the same time? Then checkout ShopGoodwill , a non-profit online auction that sells an assortment of goods from art to antiques to instruments.

The best part of this online auction site is that the proceeds raised from sales assist those with special needs. While you won’t find as broad a marketplace as Webstore or eBid, you’ll find clothing, jewellery, books, seasonal goods, and more, all for a good cause.

5. eBid - For Discounted Prices On New Items

Instead of hopping on Amazon Australia to buy new products, which has single-handedly put some of Australia’s best retailers out of business, try eBid. While you won’t find locally made goods, you will discover overstocked items and discount prices.

eBid is convenient for finding those commercial items you’d ordinarily find at a department store — cooking items, tech gadgets, curtains, office supplies, and decor. Best of all, the fees are low, and customer support is handled entirely by real humans.

Let The Bidding Begin!

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of online auctions, which is why we’ve done the legwork for you by scouring the net for the best online auction sites. Every auction offers something different, and every buyer has specific needs.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what online auctions systems are the best. However, these five marketplaces are a great starting point for new shoppers, or those looking for alternatives to eBay.

Ready to shop? Let the bidding begin!

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