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Official Perth Mint DistributorWe’re proud to announce that Treasures Auctions Network recently celebrated its 13th year as an official Perth Mint Distributor! For readers unfamiliar with the Perth Mint, allow us to fill you in on this prestigious global precious metals enterprise.

When you need precious metals, coins, medallions, jewellery, giftware, and bullion bars, you shop from Western Australia’s global exporter, The Perth Mint. As Australia’s largest precious metals enterprise, the organisation has invested over 120 years into the gold and precious metals industry, partnering with wholesalers and dealers across the globe.

If you want the absolute best in coins and bullion, The Perth Mint is par excellence.

Treasures Auctions Network is an official distributor, selling The Perth Mint items since 2007, including Perth Mint gold coins, and investor and collector coin lots.

How did we become a distributor, and why is The Perth Mint the leading authority on Australian precious metals? Read on to learn all about this prestigious industry leader and our contributions as an official distributor.

About The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is Australia’s largest and most esteemed government-run precious metals manufacturer and distributors, specialising in gold, silver, and platinum coins and bullion.

The Perth Mint’s mission isn’t limited to buying and selling, it’s about the bigger picture: nurturing Australia’s gold industry and global demand for precious metals. The Perth Mint specialises in two primary offerings: gold and silver bullion, and collectible coins.

Perth Mint Coins

Precious metal collectors, traders, and buyers can shop from an assortment of the highest quality, purest gold, silver, and platinum coins. You’ll also find special issues, stamps, coin covers, collector sets and limited edition issues available.
perth mint coins


Find the most up-to-date ask prices and price charts for gold and silver bullion bars. Buyers around the globe can register and apply to buy directly from the Perth Mint.

Perth Mint Shop

International buyers gain access to Western Australia’s most accredited source of precious metals, bullion, and jewellery. However, those local or visiting Western Australia can step into luxury at the Perth Mint Shop in East Perth, Australia.

The Perth Mint Shop sells precious gold and silver coins and bars, jewellery, specialty gifts, and even has a courtyard café where shoppers can luxuriate on a break from shopping.

Suppose you’re not local; not to worry! Perth Mint’s expertise in international selling and trading means buyers worldwide can purchase precious metals online, or from global distributors like Treasures Auctions!

Bringing Australian Precious Metals To The World

The Perth Mint’s mission is to “transform and take Australian precious metals to the world.” The best way to do that? Partner with reputable and trusted miners, dealers, and wholesalers throughout Australia to comprise a prestigious collection of the finest Australian coins and bullion.

What makes the Perth Mint a leading enterprise in the gold and silver industry? For starters, it’s government-owned, which means all authorised distributors are strictly vetted through stringent government protocol and guidelines. Governance over the Mint’s operations means less risk and more gain for clients and buyers.

With accreditations from the leading five global exchanges for precious metals, the network has minted and sold over 68 million numismatic coins and bullion bars in recent years. The Perth Mint is recognised as an industry leader of precious metal investment products.

Miners and traders from around the globe entrust their precious metals to the Mint for refining gold and silver to ensure the highest safety and environmental standards.

The Australian Government Treasury has strict guidelines for Australian coins, and all distributors must uphold a successful history or compliance and success to maintain distributor status.
perth mint coins

Qualification Standards

To qualify as a Perth Mint distributor, dealers must meet the strict qualification standards. Wholesalers and dealers must apply and exhibit a proven track record of significant success in dealing bullion or precious metals in the numismatic market.

The Perth Mint authorises an established network of select distributors from around the globe, including the Treasures Auctions Network!

There’s a strong incentive for dealers and wholesalers worldwide to get distributor status — the perks are unparalleled. As a Perth Mint Distributor, we receive a broader brand awareness and marketing support, as well as high-standard terms of business.

Our experience working with the Perth Mint has been abundant and lucrative for our sellers, buyers, and business. Let’s look at the process of being an official Perth Mint distributor.

Treasures Auctions Network — Distributor Status

We were officially approved as an authorised dealer for Perth Mint Australia in August of 2007. Since then, we’ve sold and traded collectible coins minted with Perth Mint’s internationally acclaimed “P” mintmark.

The Perth Mint meticulously vets their authorised distributors, and we’re proud to be among the trusted vendors. Perth Mint partners with a select group of authorised coin wholesalers and dealers like Treasures Auctions to provide global distribution of coins and bullion.

The Perth Mint meticulously examines and tests coins for superb proof quality. Only a small sum of worthy coins make it into the coveted numbered issues.

Since 2007, we’ve partnered with the Perth Mint as a leading dealer of numismatic and bullion coins. We specialise in selling Roman, Indian, Colonial, and Greek coins.

Over the years, Treasures Auctions Network has sold an assortment of Perth Mint coins and bullion, including:

The Perth Mint releases numbered issues of collectible silver and gold coins, and we’re proud to distribute them! We’ve been in the precious metals industry since 2004, and working with the Perth Mint has solidified our status as a trusted distributor and seller of these marvellous metals and coins.

When you buy a Perth Mint item from the Treasures Auctions Network, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing the highest-quality gold or silver on the market — approved, accredited, and minted by a government-regulated, globally-recognised enterprise. Your investment should go to the highest standard for quality that exists, and that’s exclusively available from Perth Mint distributors like Treasures Auctions!

Shop Perth Mint coins and collectibles today!

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