How do I disable Item Watch emails?

Item Watch is a built-in tool that allows you to track any auction in our system. You can add an item to your watch list when logged in, by simply clicking “add to watch list” when viewing the item. When an item on your watch list receives a new bid, you will be instantly alerted by email. You can manage your watch list by clicking on “Item Watch” in the top navigation when logged in.

One of the main advantages of Item Watch - besides curating your very own auction search engine - is to get an email notification when an item on your list receives a bid from someone else.

This can become tiresome for people who curate hundreds or even thousands (there is no limit!) of items on their watch lists as they tend to receive a large number of emails from us. We do have an email send limit in place, where you won’t receive more than one Item Watch Alert email for a single item in a 10 minute period, but we wanted to go one better and allow you to opt out of Item Watch emails completely.

To do this, go to your Account Settings page, and un-tick the item watch emails box under the Email Notifications heading. Item Watch notification emails are turned on by default for all accounts.

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