How To Track My Order

To view the real-time status of your orders, you can use our Global Tracking Website here:

Each seller is free to set their own shipping rate. Every auction has the stated shipping price on the auction page based on the seller's default shipping provider and the customers' location, but here's some useful information from different shipping company standard postage service fees:

Australia Post: 

For Domestic Shipping, click here.

For International Shipping, click here.

You can track your order/shipment here:


Check rateshere

You can track your order/shipment here:


FedEx One Rate Service, check here.

For more information about FedEx shipping, you can check and see it here.

You can track your order/shipment here:


For Shipping information, you can go here.

And for quotations of shipment, you can check it here.

You can track your order/shipment here:

DHL eCommerce Tracking:

You can also check and get your Tracking Number by doing these simple steps:

First, you can go to your "Wins History":, and find the item, once you find the item just click the "Drop-Down" menu and select "SALE SUMMARY".


On the next screen, find the shipment area then you will be able to find your tracking number.


If you have any additional help or really can't find any solutions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. Hope this article helps! 

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