"3 Strikes And You're Out" Policy

3 Strikes And You're Out Policy

To uphold the high standards of our listings, maintain the accuracy of our products and support the good practice of our sellers, we operate a “3 Strikes And You’re Out” policy.

If you fail to meet any of the rules below you may get a strike against your seller account. These strikes are at the discretion of the Management and the Sheriff, and are non-negotiable.

Policy Terms

  • A strike automatically downgrades a seller for 30 days, which means you cannot list any new item during that period.

  • Any breach of unprofessional conduct will result in a strike.

  • Once you’ve accumulated 3 strikes, you will be permanently suspended and your store will be closed immediately.

  • If your feedback drops to or below 95%, the sheriff will issue a strike and your store/s will be downgraded to the Starter Plan, until your feedback raises to 96% or above.

  • Sellers are not permitted, at any time, to use threats, coerce or force customers to remove negative feedback. 

  • It is the sellers' responsibility to maintain professional conduct, provide good service and maintain the accuracy of their items to get positive feedback. 

  • Any communication with Management, Administration or a Sheriff must be responded to and actioned within 7 days. Failure to do so may result in a strike.

For example, if the Sheriff finds an issue with a listing, the Sheriff will notify the seller and outline the issue found in the listing. The seller is expected to amend the listing in a timely manner. If action to amend the listing is not undertaken within 7 days, the listing will be suspended.

  • Sellers may be suspended permanently, at the discretion of management, at any time without notice.

For example, the Sheriff may request an item to be posted into head office for independent certification at any time. Shipping to the Sheriff will be at the seller’s expense. The Sheriff will return the item at no further cost to the seller. Refusal or delay to comply with this request will result in immediate and permanent suspension.

Examples Of A Strike

  • Seller fails to communicate with a buyer, Administration, Management or Sheriff in a timely manner.

  • Seller fails to post items to a buyer or refund monies in a timely manner.

  • Seller fails to uphold the expected high level of professional conduct.

  • Seller uses threats against customer to remove negative feedback.

  • Seller refuses to refund a customer.

  • Seller fails to honour the sale of an item.

  • Continuous mistakes in listing items.

  • Misrepresentation of an item on your listing.

For example, misrepresenting and selling a glass filled Ruby as unheated Ruby. Selling smoked Ethiopian Opal as Natural Black Opal. Selling gold plated Jewellery as Solid Gold Jewellery.

Examples Of Immediate And Permanent Suspension

  • Seller is found defaming The Treasures Auctions Network as per Code of Conduct.

  • Seller is found selling to customers outside of the marketplace where our protections cannot be applied.

  • Seller is being rude or showing abusive behaviour.

  • Seller is found bidding up or on their own listings.


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