Boost Listings - How To Use Them

Boost Listings - How To Use Them

What Are Boost Listings?

Boost listings are a special listing type that all sellers can use to promote their items for free.

A few things to know:

  • Boost listings last for 30 days

  • Boost listings are included in all seller plans

  • Boost listings are only available for Catalogue Items

  • Boost listings appear at the top of the category page

  • Boost listings are tagged with the "Premium" logo on the left corner of the item


How Many Boost Listings Do Sellers Get?

Depending on your seller plan level, you will receive the following number of free boost listings:

  • Starter - 3

  • Base Opal - 7

  • Star Opal - 10

  • Gem Opal - 13

  • Harlequin - 17

  • Gem Max and Gem Harlequin - 20

For example, a seller on the Starter Plan can have 3 Boost listings live. If an item sells or is closed within the 30 days of the Boost listing running, the seller can boost another item. The total number of Boost listings will always be the same as the plan limit.

How To Make A Boost Listing?

To boost a listing, you can either create a new listing and choose the "Boost" type or simply click the edit button on an existing listing and change the listing type to "Boost listing".

Create a new listing and choose "Boost" listing type


Change your existing listing to "Boost" listing in 3 easy steps

1. Choose the item you want to boost. Click the Edit Product button and choose Edit Product Details.


2. Select "Boost" from the Listing type drop down box


3. Save your listing and allow 30 minutes for your item to start appearing in the Boost position at the top of the category pages.

We encourage you to watch this video to fully understand what Boost listings are.


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