Sheriff Program

Sheriff Program

The Sheriff offers ongoing support to buyers and sellers, essentially through auction audits.

How does the Sheriff Program work?

The Sheriff Program works across each of our websites. This program is operated by a qualified gemmologist and panel of advisers from within the Gemstone, Opal and Jewelry industries. The position of Sheriff is a voluntary position and is not paid or reimbursed in any way by The Treasures Auctions Network.


The Sheriff has two main goals:

  1. To support and guide sellers;

  2. To answer questions and guide potential buyers via the audit system. We encourage you to read our Audits - What You Need To Know help article to fully understand what you have to do when one of your listings is being audited.

Never hesitate to contact the Sheriff. This program is here to help you manage your listings, by providing the most accurate detail of your items. When your items match the description of your listings, then most likely customers will return to your store.


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