We’re Celebrating Our One-Millionth Sale and Giving Away $1,000!

Were Celebrating Our One-Millionth Sale and Giving Away 1000We’ve got exciting news to share! Not only are we approaching a significant milestone, but we’re bringing business back home to Australia. Best of all? We’re giving away a $1,000 voucher to one of our loyal buyers!

Since 2004, our family business has evolved from a local gemstone dealer into a global marketplace. The Treasures Auctions Network encompasses a variety of specialty auction marketplaces, including Gem Rock AuctionsJewelry Auctioned, and Opal Auctions.

We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of opals, gemstones, jewellery, coins, and collectibles, and we are approaching a major milestone. We’re celebrating our one-millionth item sold! And that’s not all; we wouldn’t be celebrating this accomplishment if it weren’t for our loyal family of buyers and sellers. As a gesture of our immense appreciation, we’re giving away a $1,000 credit voucher to one lucky winner!

About Treasures Auctions

The voucher can be spent at any of our sites, which means the winner can buy gemstones, jewellery, or purchase Australian-owned goods from our newest auction site. That’s right, we’ve launched an exclusive Australian auction site!

After years of building a successful global marketplace, we’re bringing business back home to Australia. Treasures Auctions is an online marketplace exclusively for Australian buyers and Australian businesses. This broad marketplace is filled with jewellery, ancient artifacts, coins and collectibles, clothing, fashion accessories, home decor, wellness products, and more.

When you buy from Treasures Auctions, you buy Australian.

We’re supporting local sellers, keeping money in the economy, and continuing to connect verified sellers with buyers. Our business model prioritizes transparency, honesty, and value for high-quality goods.

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, but the principles for an exceptional buying experience remain.

How It All Began

In 2004, we started as a small, family-owned business with a big vision: to change the industry landscape and offer buyers access to verified sellers. In roughly a decade, we’ve continued to expand our global market with trusted buying processes.

From the start, our software system had features that other platforms didn’t have, which helped us establish market share against larger USA based companies. This included the Verified Sellers initiative and the Sheriff Program. 

These programs attracted professional sellers which helped buyers gain confidence that they’d get a fair and honest value for their purchase.

And that’s not the only feature that attracted buyers; we also gave them more buying freedom.

The auction marketplace enables buyers to choose their gemstone of choice — opals, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and more — and create custom jewellery, rather than relying on jewellers to source gemstones. Instead of depending on jewellers to design custom-pieces, buyers purchase loose gemstones from verified sellers in one of our international marketplaces:

  • Opal Auctions - A marketplace where buyers can bid on high-quality opals.

  • Jewelry Auctioned - An international auction site specializing in gemstone and metal jewellery.

The newest member of the network employs the same principles, except it’s exclusive to Australian buyers. After the success of our sister sites, we decided it was time to bring business back home and open an Australian auction site for goods and products.

Our successes have garnered international esteem backed by over thirty years of industry expertise. Now, we are more excited than ever to offer the same positive buying experience to Aussies!

Jewellery, Gemstones, And Treasures, Oh My!

Our business is rooted in the ironstone and ancient springs that birthed the gemstones we love so much. We retain our core products (gemstones, jewelry, collectibles), but we wanted to offer even more to Australian buyers. At Treasures Auctions, you’ll find a world of treasures including gems, jewellery, coins, collectibles, clothing, home decor, art, and more!

Treasures Auctions combines our humble beginnings with a modern shopping marketplace. Like our sister sites, Treasures Auctions provides an accessible marketplace devoted to Australian buyers who can bid online for products.

We’ve seen the effects that global importers have had on the economy. As foreign retailers open more and more, local businesses struggle to make it. We also know that e-commerce corporations like eBay and Amazon take money out of Australia.

Now is the time to support Australian-owned businesses, which is precisely what Treasures Auctions offers. With the opening of Treasures Auctions and our one-millionth sale combined, we’re feeling generous!

You Could Win $1,000, Here’s How To Enter

As of March 9th, 2020, we’ve sold 960,000 items. We average around 15,000 items sold every month, which means we’re rapidly approaching the 1-million mark! What better way to celebrate than awarding one of our loyal buyers with a well-deserved shopping spree?

Right now, we’re on track to celebrate our one-millionth item sold, but we don’t know precisely when that will happen. Based on the stats above, we expect to reach the mega milestone over the next few months, and we want to include you in the celebration! Any guesses as to when we’ll reach our one-millionth item sold? If you guess correctly, you could win a $1,000 credit voucher to spend at Treasures Auctions!

Here’s how you can enter the competition:

  1. Briefly fill out our one-millionth item sold celebration form
  2. Enter your name and email
  3. Use the key statistics in the form to estimate the exact date and time when we’ll sell our one-millionth item

It’s that easy! The person who guesses the closest to the date and time will win a $1,000 voucher to spend across the Treasure Auctions Network!

We couldn’t have come this far without the support of our fantastic network of verified sellers and loyal buyers. Thank you for supporting us over these years and joining us as we cross the threshold into our millionth item sold!

Think you know when we’ll reach our goal? Click here to enter the competition and cast your guess for a chance to win a $1,000 voucher! Best of luck!

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