Audits - What You Need To Know

Audits - What You Need To Know

To ensure the accuracy of your items, you may be audited from time to time. We allow our customers to request audits through the Sheriff. The Sheriff has two main goals: to support and guide sellers and to answer questions to potential buyers via the audit system.

Head to your selling dashboard and click the “Auction Audits” button to check your audits. This is where you will see the requests and results of any Sheriff audits on your items. Please be sure to address any incomplete audits in a timely manner.


Ways You Can Be Audited

  1. A customer may request an audit of your item for the Sheriff to review it;

  2. The Sheriff can request an independent audit if there is an issue with one of your items.

In both scenarios, if the Sheriff undertakes an audit, as per customer request or if there is an issue with a listing, the Sheriff will notify you and outline the issue found in the listing.

You are expected to amend the listing within 7 days. If action to amend the listing is not undertaken within that time frame, the listing will be suspended.


Further steps you need to take:

  1. Review the audit;

  2. Amend the product details - in the example above, add pictures that match the item;

  3. Re-request audit once the listing is updated;

  4. Wait for the Sheriff to review and approve your request.


You have 7 days to review your listing and re-request an audit for approval. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your listing.


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