How To Create A No Reserve Auction

How To Create A No Reserve Auction

When listing an item that you intend to sell as No Reserve, there are a few things you need to know.

1. Create Item

First things first. Head to your Seller Dashboard and click on the Sell An Item option. You are now ready to create your listing. 

  • Choose the template you have created for your item (if applicable);

  • Choose the category - this is the most important step when creating your listing: you must select the No Reserve category so your item can be listed in our No Reserve section.

2. Listing Details

The next step is to choose the item type: Auction.

3. Pricing Details

When you are listing a No Reserve Item, set the starting price at $1. The reserve price will be $0.

Please note: when you are listing an Auction Item, once the auction finishes and there is no bid placed on it, the item will relist as a Catalogue item.

The price used for the Catalogue Item will depend on the auction type:

  • Auction With No Reserve Set - the catalogue price will be the starting bid ($1).

  • Auction With Reserve Set - the catalogue price will be the reserve price.

You're all set! 


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