How To Create A Template

How To Create A Template

Templates are a great way to save time when you have more than one item to sell that falls in the same category, as most of the information is already filled in. To create a new template, head to your Seller Dashboard, click on the Templates button and select the “Create Template” option. Make sure you fill in as much information as you can, as if you were listing a new item.


It's time to create your new template. Here's a breakdown of what information must be included:

  • Template Name - choose the name of the template. For example, if you are selling a skin care product, you may want to call it “Face Scrubs”.

  • Categories - when selecting a category, choosing the deepest level is the easiest way to help your customers to find your item on our marketplace. For example, if you are selling skin care products, you may want to choose the Beauty category.

  • Title - Enter a descriptive title. For example, “150ml Glowing Skin Vanilla Scrub”.

  • SKU - Enter the stock keeping unit for the product. For example, VS1.

  • Description - here is where you give as much detail as possible about your product. Given the example above, you may want to include information such as where the product components are sourced from, what ingredients are used, instructions on how to use the product and who will benefit from it the most (all skin types, etc).

  • Dimensions - include details if applicable.

  • Weight - include details if applicable.


Next, select your listing type, set your listing’s duration, start date/time, and select your item type.


After selecting your pricing details and shipping type, set your new template as the default template.


You are good to go! You can start listing your products with your new template. To view your created templates, head to your Seller Dashboard and simply click on the “Templates” button.

How Do I Choose A Template?

When listing a new item, the first thing you have to do is to select a template. Simply type the name of the template are searching for (for example, "Face Scrubs") or click on the “Auction Templates” button.


Please note:

If you are using a template to list an item, you can change any information you need at any time. For example, if you are using the “Face Scrubs” template but your item is 200ml instead of 150ml, you can change the title of the item to “200ml Glowing Skin Vanilla Scrub”. This will not change the previously created template. 


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