How Australian Online Auction Systems are Putting Customers First

We are proud too announce that our Australian Grown business has won the Gold Coast business award for Family run businesses. We have been recognised for our technological achievement in creating a platform for sellers that is focus on customer service, selling tools, efficiency and entertainment.


A significant rise in eBay and Amazon’s popularity has sadly resulted in a decline in customer care. It’s no secret that these large, online American companies have always put revenue first before their sellers, but with many individuals now facing economic despair from the pandemic, enough is enough.

Although these large-scale selling platforms are letting customers down, thankfully, all is not lost. The Treasures Auctions network is an Australian owned and operated auction systems putting their customer’s livelihood first.

Amazon and eBay: Where did it all go wrong?

Once upon a time, eBay Australia was perceived as a great online shopping destination for finding unique and rare items from Aussie sellers. Users could hunt down the best deal while proudly pumping money back into the Australian economy. It was a win-win.

These days, eBay is synonymous with location abuse, poor buying experiences, lower quality products, and the dominance of Chinese sellers over locally owned businesses. An eBay seller can be based in China, for example, and still outrank an Aussie store in search results. As a result, Australian-based businesses selling on the platform have been hit first-hand with low visibility, lack of sales, and overall minimal traffic to their stores.

Sadly, this story is no different on other eCommerce giants, including Amazon. Although Amazon Australia receives significantly less traffic than eBay Australia, an upsurge in China-based sellers infiltrating the marketplace is pushing Australian owned businesses to the back pages. How can they make sales if no one sees their products? The answer is that they simply cannot compete.

How Australian online auction systems differ

Thankfully, eBay and Amazon aren’t the only kids on the block. There are numerous Australian owned and operated online auction platforms that are helping to bring about positive change for Aussie sellers within the eCommerce industry.

The Treasures Auctions network, for example, has been providing a customer-first platform for both high end consumers and wholesale buyers for 17 years so far. We’re supporting local sellers, keeping money in the economy, and continuing to connect verified Australian businesses with buyers. Our business model prioritizes transparency, honesty, and value for high-quality goods.

Let’s look at the many ways we put our customers first.

Online auction systemProviding top-end customers with the tools they need to succeed

We understand our customers are serious about buying unique, high-end, and valuable goods, and aim to provide them with everything they need to invest in these products with utmost certainty.

Our strategy was to target top-end customers and give them more tools than just a user-friendly site. We do this through providing them with options such as the ability to request audits to guarantee product accuracy, member rewards coupons, quick and helpful customer service, and more.

Time efficient methods for selling wholesale items

Many of our buyers choose to sell wholesale items and therefore require fast and efficient methods for selling their products. This also means that buyers can find the ideal wholesale gemstones, opals, or other goods for their goals – whether they’re a jeweller, collector, or hobbyist. Rather than with generic and big-name auction sites such as eBay and Amazon, customers can expect a high degree of industry-specific knowledge, a consistent refund policy, and wholesale pricing.

Free listings, promotions, and more

We care about our seller’s livelihoods and find some of the best ways to support their small business is through offering free listings, free promotions, free top of page listings, and more. Many – if not all – of the eCommerce giants require sellers to pay for these promotions if they wish to increase their exposure and revenue, but we believe in an even playing field for all sellers – big or small.

The Sheriff Program

Our sellers are managed by our Sheriff Program across our network. This program allows customers to request an audit on any item if they are uncertain about the accuracy of the item description or photographs. This program is operated by a qualified Gemologist and panel of advisers from within the Gemstone, Opal, and Jewellery industries, providing customers with confidence and peace of mind regarding their purchases.

The Verified Seller program

In 2004, we started as a small, family-owned business with a big vision: to change the industry landscape and offer buyers access to verified sellers. During this time, we’ve continued to expand our global market with trusted buying processes, thanks to our Verified Seller program.

Every seller we allow in is vetted by us. Unlike the other big companies who allow sellers to sell anything (including fake items) we make sure our sellers only sell natural, top quality items to our customers.

Industry support and promotion

Our aim has always been to promote the industries of our sellers, rather than have a take-all attitude. Our opinion is if we can get more people to feel passionate about opals and gemstones, then everyone wins in the industry, including local small businesses. As a result, our platforms offer unparalleled industry news, advice, and support from qualified professionals.

Go on, put yourself first

If you’re a collector or seller of unique and precious items such as gemstones, opals, or other treasures, don’t settle for second-best. Online eCommerce giants such as Amazon or eBay might seem like the easy option for selling or buying goods, but in the long run, you’ll be left worse-off.

Additionally, if you feel passionate about supporting the Australian economy and keeping our country thriving, then supporting independent sellers through a homegrown auction system is a no-brainer.

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